Hello, I’m Richard aka “ichard26” - pronouns are he/they.

You might know me if you frequent the Python formatter/linter space as I co-maintain the incredibly popular psf/black project. I also co-maintain pypa/bandersnatch. My main area of focus is usually maintenance and devops work so developer experience, CI, issue triage, and PR review are my main duties – although I’m a documentation nerd as well. I’m also staff on the Python Discord server.

I’m mostly a Python developer, but I have done some webdev and a little bit of C. My projects are typically of the tooling (just look above) or language dev nature (I have this unreasonable persisent desire to write parsers). When I’m not doing development work, I like to take photographs, go for walks .. or both at the same time 📷


black co-maintainer 2020 - present
Black is most popular Python autoformatter known for its uncomprising code style. I’ve been a co-maintainer, handling all aspects of development and maintenance since 2021.
bandersnatch co-maintainer 2021 - present
A simple mirror tool generating a PEP 503 compliant index ready to be served on your static web server of choice!
diff-shades creator 2021 - present
Development tool used to gauge the impact of code style changes in Black across OSS code. Inspired by mypy-primer which was inspired by black-primer.
next-pr-number creator 2021 - present
A simple web utility to query the number the next PR would have for a public Github repository.
ghstats creator 2022 - present
My personal playground for psf/black statistics.
blackbench creator 2021 - present
Benchmarking suite for Black created originally for my mypyc work; needs a rewrite :p

This website exists as a place to put my F/OSS related ramblings, I’m not quite sure what exactly I’ll write about it, but hey y’all can watch me as I learn this blogging thing.

Anyhow, have a wonderful day! ✿

Want to talk to me?

I currently do not have a public email address, so the best way of reaching me is either by DMing me on Discord (ichard26#4772) or by opening a GitHub discussion here. I don’t have a preference, so use the method that suits you the best :)

For Discord, you’ll find me in the Python Discord, PyPA, and Pallets servers. Just in case we need to share a server to DM.

I also have a Twitter account if that’s more your thing.