Hello! I’m Richard. I go by ichard26 on the internet1. My pronouns are he/they.

You may know me if you frequent the Python code quality space as I used to co-maintain your friendly code formatter, Black! I also (kinda) co-maintained bandersnatch.

I’m a hobby Python developer, but I dabble in C and front-end web development from time to time. Project-wise, tooling and language dev projects are my favourite. When I’m not doing development work, I like to take photographs, go for walks .. or both at the same time! 📷

This website exists as a place to put my programming and OSS ramblings. I’m not quite sure what exactly I’ll write about it, but hey y’all can watch me as I learn this blogging thing.

Oh… and one more thing. You should know that I like flowers. ✿

Open Source Software (OSS)

While I do work on a personal project occasionally, I primarily contribute to open source projects. The projects I’m proud to have contributed to are:

black co-maintainer 2020 - 2023
Black is the most popular Python autoformatter; known for its uncomprising code style. I was a co-maintainer since 2021 and a triager since 2020.
bandersnatch co-maintainer 2021 - 2023
A simple mirror tool generating a PEP 503 compliant index ready to be served on your static web server of choice.
diff-shades creator 2021 - present
A development tool used to gauge the impact of code style changes in Black across OSS code. Inspired by mypy-primer which was inspired by black-primer.
next-pr-number creator 2021 - present
A simple web utility to query the number the next PR would have for a public Github repository.
ghstats creator 2022 - present
My personal playground for visualizing data from the GitHub API.
mypyc triager & contributor 2023 - present
A transcompiler of Python modules to C extensions built on top of mypy. It uses standard Python type hints and mypy’s type checking and type inference features to generate fast code.
pip triager & contributor 2024 - present
“pip installs packages” - The de facto official Python package installer.

Contact information

I used to not have a public email address, but now I do! Please send random flower facts and other inquries to sichard26 (at) gmail.com2.

Alternatively, you can reach me by either DMing me on Discord (ichard26#4772) or opening a GitHub discussion here. I don’t have a preference between the two, so use the method that suits you the best :)

For Discord, you’ll find me in the Python Discord, PyPA, and Pallets servers.

And please don’t message me on Twitter as I almost never check it after Elon took over.

  1. Or sichard26, notably on Twitter and in my email… ↩︎

  2. I do have a GPG key if you want to use GPG, for some reason… ↩︎